Munching on..

I’m always looking for ways to stay healthy and eat healthy, which definitely isn’t always easy especially with Triple Mocha Carmel Whole Milk Frappachinos available on every block (damn Starbucks). But if you can avoid the daily temptations that crowd our environment (I was able to pass up on the chocolate soft serve I wanted at Coney Island and got an all-fruit no sugar added smoothie instead) then your body will thank you.

My latest thing has been pretzels. They’re low in fat (or maybe non-fat?) and just as crunch-worthy as chips, if not more. Downside: they have a lot of salt, but, oh well, just don’t overdo it. And my most recent “yay” find in this category of munchie food are the Honey Wheat Sticks by Snyder’s of Hanover. They are amazing! Lightly honey-sweet with a mostly pretzel taste. Great bonus, they blended in sesame seeds in for extra great flavor. They are so great with a fresh-cut apple or dipped in some creamy Jiff.



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