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Interns with a dream

July 22, 2008

We’re Interns with a Dream, All of us

The girl I had met 5 minutes before was trying to describe the rather strange gathering of people on the 2nd floor of Red Sky bar at 29th and Park. It was hot, but not as hot as the roof where we were supposed to be. It was dark, but with just enough red candlelight to discern who was standing around. Girls. Lots of girls, with brown hair, blond hair, black hair, a few with red hair. Oh and a couple guys, maybe gay or probably weird.

It was one of the Ed2010 happy hour events. Ed2010 has truly become a household name in the magazine world. If you want to work magazine, live magazine or eat magazines (what?), then you read Ed2010 weekly, if not daily. All the people who work there, from the founder to the event planners, work for free. Maybe they do it because it’s fun and pretty much a social event with people like you. But more likely, when they were interns, someone who had Made It probably went a little mad and actually went out of his or her way to help a newbie, an intern, a nobody (ok, that’s a little harsh and not true). 

The event was fun. I always have to convince myself a little bit to actually make it to the events (hello! i could be watching Melrose Place in bed!) but then realize that only good things could come from Ed Happy Hours (meeting people like you, meeting upper level volunteers, get some fresh air (or stuffy 2nd floor bar air) and $4 Appletinis). I think I may even be on the homepage of — I know I was definitely posing and cheesing for the camera. We’ll see!